SUPER 8 1/2


Bruce La Bruce … Bruce and Butt Double
Stacy Friedrich … Googie and Jane Friday
Mikey Mike … Johnny Eczema
Nicholas Davies … Pierce
Christeen Martin … Wednesday Friday
Kate Ashley … Honey Velour
Scott Thompson … Buddy Cole


A cheerfully self-reflexive/self-indulgent semi-autobiographical romp inspired by the 1963 Fellini classic whose title it cheekily appropriates, LaBruce’s sophomore feature stars everyone’s favourite homo auteur as homo auteur “Bruce,” a self-aggrandizing and self-destructive gay porn star and filmmaker whose career has hit the skids. Chronicling his downfall is documentary filmmaker and lesbian porn impresario Googie (Stacy Friedrich), who intercuts footage of Bruce pontificating about his unique fusion of porn, parody and cinema verite — which he alternately refers to as “pornology” and “pornopoly” — with excerpts from the auteur’s erotic epics (with such enticing titles as I Am a Fugitive from a Gang Bang and My Hustler, My Self) and interviews with Bruce’s former friends, lovers and collaborators (including Vaginal Davis, Richard Kern, and The Kids in the Hall‘s Scott Thompson as his alter ego Buddy Cole). Brash, bold and excitingly raw, Super 8½ “pushes the envelope of acceptable gay indie cinema; it’s at once clever, indulgent and perilously beyond the pale of conventional taste” (Variety).